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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Ushering in Stealth Bigotry in the Name of Human Rights

She has a way with words, there’s no doubt about it. Her rhetorical style is soft spoken, graceful, and she speaks with the passion of wholehearted conviction. Unfortunately, Hirsi Ali just doesn’t seem to get it. Advertisements

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Time References a Lowly Tabloid in Wikileaks Interview

The following is an interview by Eben Harrell of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. It’s a beautiful example of just how stupid MSM journalists can be. Assange putting Eben in his place is priceless: Some commentators have described you as anarchic. … Continue reading

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The Moral Perversion of the New York Times and its Warmongering Propaganda

Wikileaks recently released over 90,000 secret documents reporting military operations in Afghanistan. A war that among intelligent circles is increasingly causing unrest and calls for what is a de facto imperial project is apparently still celebrated by some as a … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, on Shakespeare and Muslims

In her own words, from her Twitter. First of all, Palin comparing herself (hopefully unintentionally) to Shakespeare speaks for itself. Moreover, bastardizing the English language (“refudiate“??!?) was something GW Bush was mocked without mercy for. If she gets a bit … Continue reading

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