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Time Publishes “Scientific” Opinion that BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‘isn’t really as bad as it seems’

The scientific consensus is that the BP Gulf Oil leak is the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history. But not so, say the scientists and officials quoted in this story. The problem is, the it’s not that big of a … Continue reading

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The Deceptiveness of the New York Times’ Reporting on the Goldman Sachs Fraud Settlement

Earlier today, the NYT published an article (tucked away near the bottom of the main page of its website, of course) about Goldman Sachs settling allegations of systematic fraud with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for $550 million. … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs Pays the Piper While the Economist is Wrong, As Usual

A few months ago, the Economist wrote an article defending Goldman Sachs in the light of growing controversy over the investment bank’s shady business dealings. The article, titled “Greedy until proven guilty”, had a subheading which reads: “There is a … Continue reading

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Considering Law School? Caveat Emptor

Law school is considered by many to be a privilege and an honor. An experience that will open doors and lead to a fulfilling life of wealth and social status. In many cases it is true. In others it is anything but. While I certainly don’t regret committing to law school, there are a few important notes to consider that will determine whether the next 3 years are personally fulfilling or not.

The Bad Continue reading

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New York Times on the Israeli Gaza Flotilla Attack Investigation: ‘He proves’ vs ‘She alleges’

From today’s NYT, about the Israeli “investigation” of the Gaza aid flotilla massacre: General Eiland’s report finds that there was at least one gun on board because an Israeli soldier took a bullet in the knee that was not from … Continue reading

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Eye Opening Media

Increasingly, people are finding alternatives for daily information than the traditional route of print and broadcast journalism. What will follow are a few of my favorite sources of information, shattering the image generally presented in the MSM for a stark … Continue reading

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Popular Mainstream Media Sources: A Report Card

Most people get their news information from mainstream news outlets. The very act of publishing seems to grant whats printed an air of veracity and legitimacy. But is this always justified? The following is a rudimentary analysis of popular media … Continue reading

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