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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Ushering in Stealth Bigotry in the Name of Human Rights

She has a way with words, there’s no doubt about it. Her rhetorical style is soft spoken, graceful, and she speaks with the passion of wholehearted conviction. Unfortunately, Hirsi Ali just doesn’t seem to get it. Advertisements

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Anti-Defamation League Exposes Itself as a Lobby of Bigotry

It’s no secret there’s currently a propaganda war designed to slander and vilify Muslims as much as possible. In my opinion, this is due to MSM (and its enablers) which have Zionist influences, in an attempt to blame the victims … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Warmongering Propaganda from Time Magazine

The latest cover from Time Magazine, coincidentally released to coincide with the Wikileaks revelation and the growing consensus that the Afghan war is useless, as well as hopeless. I wonder if Time would consider a cover stating “What Happens if … Continue reading

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Israeli “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak: Past Jewish Suffering is More Important than Present Palestinian Suffering

WP: Indeed, you were known as a master of stealth in Entebbe, Beirut, when you dressed as a woman. When I watched the flotilla, and I watched Dubai, and Gaza and Lebanon war, I thought Israel today seems to still … Continue reading

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The Moral Perversion of the New York Times and its Warmongering Propaganda

Wikileaks recently released over 90,000 secret documents reporting military operations in Afghanistan. A war that among intelligent circles is increasingly causing unrest and calls for what is a de facto imperial project is apparently still celebrated by some as a … Continue reading

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In Israel, Misrepresenting Your Ethnicity Makes You a Rapist

Ah yes, the old hit-and-run has bedeviled many a woman. Charmed into bed, she notes a rapid metamorphosis of her suitor into a cad who leaves and never calls again. Most women who experience this learn a valuable lesson, and … Continue reading

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The Deceptiveness of the New York Times’ Reporting on the Goldman Sachs Fraud Settlement

Earlier today, the NYT published an article (tucked away near the bottom of the main page of its website, of course) about Goldman Sachs settling allegations of systematic fraud with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for $550 million. … Continue reading

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