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Time Publishes “Scientific” Opinion that BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‘isn’t really as bad as it seems’

The scientific consensus is that the BP Gulf Oil leak is the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history. But not so, say the scientists and officials quoted in this story. The problem is, the it’s not that big of a … Continue reading

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The Deceptiveness of the New York Times’ Reporting on the Goldman Sachs Fraud Settlement

Earlier today, the NYT published an article (tucked away near the bottom of the main page of its website, of course) about Goldman Sachs settling allegations of systematic fraud with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for $550 million. … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs Pays the Piper While the Economist is Wrong, As Usual

A few months ago, the Economist wrote an article defending Goldman Sachs in the light of growing controversy over the investment bank’s shady business dealings. The article, titled “Greedy until proven guilty”, had a subheading which reads: “There is a … Continue reading

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G20: From Freedom to Fascism

It is remarkably strange that police cars were dropped off in the downtown core, left unattended to be vandalized and burned by black-clad violent activists, and then have the police violently arrest and cage about 900 protestors, journalists, and innocent … Continue reading

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Latin America’s True Leaders

Oliver Stone: “Rafael Correa is now being cast as one of the ‘bad left’.” [President of Ecuador] Rafael Correa: “…knowing the North American media, I would be more worried if they spoke well of me.” It is a personal rule … Continue reading

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I Declare War on North America Media

For too long I put up with your lies. For too long I respected you as purveyors of truth. I allowed you to pollute and infest my rational mind with government and business propaganda. Now that I understand how the … Continue reading

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