Israeli “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak: Past Jewish Suffering is More Important than Present Palestinian Suffering

WP: Indeed, you were known as a master of stealth in Entebbe, Beirut, when you dressed as a woman. When I watched the flotilla, and I watched Dubai, and Gaza and Lebanon war, I thought Israel today seems to still achieve its tactical objectives but triggers widespread international condemnation in the process. Why is this?


Part of it is underlying change, somehow there is a growing attempt to de-legitimize Israel. Time passed from the, you know, thirty years ago leaders all around the world still remember the suffering of the Jewish people. Israel was the answer for what happened in Europe. Nowadays, practically no leader has personal memory of what happened there but what they see on the screens everyday is the suffering of the Palestinians. Without drawing a moral equivalence or with all due difference, that’s what attracts the attention and even there is a change that we have to resist.

The utter lack of empathy here is staggering. This is clear evidence Israel uses the Holocaust as a crutch to justify all of the terror and oppression it has wrought since its creation. When the issue of present Palestinian suffering is mentioned, it is seen as a strategic obstacle to Israeli primacy and hegemony.

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The Moral Perversion of the New York Times and its Warmongering Propaganda

Wikileaks recently released over 90,000 secret documents reporting military operations in Afghanistan. A war that among intelligent circles is increasingly causing unrest and calls for what is a de facto imperial project is apparently still celebrated by some as a righteous war.

Enter Andrew Exum, who recently wrote an editorial in the NYT. Exum is an ex-US army officer who served in Afghanistan, including a “Special Operations” assassination squad. He takes offence to being characterized as part of a hit squad. Apparently, some believe that one charged with killing other human beings is more accurately referred to as a “special operative” rather than an assassin. Except “special operative” doesn’t actually mean anything. What is special? It applies to many things. Operative? Last I checked, a soldier was a soldier. It’s a clever euphemism designed to glamorize stealth murders, usually conducted in the dead of night using a ridiculous technological disparity between the killers and their targets.

But lets grant Exum the “special ops” moniker, if only to prove the moral cowardice of the people who try and shield themselves with it, rather than properly calling themselves what they are: soldiers, professional killers, pawns of corrupt rulers who wage wars of aggression for material gain.
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In Israel, Misrepresenting Your Ethnicity Makes You a Rapist

Ah yes, the old hit-and-run has bedeviled many a woman. Charmed into bed, she notes a rapid metamorphosis of her suitor into a cad who leaves and never calls again. Most women who experience this learn a valuable lesson, and are more prudent in future encounters.

But in Israel, a woman has taken it one step further and successfully convicted her Arab seducer of rape. The defendant had consensual sex with the “victim” after presenting himself as a Jew interested in a long term relationship. Upon discovering he was an Arab, she went to the police who charged the man with rape and indecent assault.

Now, if these facts make you cringe, there’s good reason. In first year torts, we briefly discussed whether lying can equate to a misrepresentation which would vitiate consent. The example used was the man who represents himself as wealthier/more powerful than he really is. Many jokes ensued, including the “morning-after-beer-goggle” horror stories that many law students are apparently familiar with. It is important to note that in class we talked about civil actions, not criminal ones. In this case the man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The issue here was what the consequences of representing oneself as another ethnicity should be. Continue reading

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Facebook is Like a Webcam: Beware of What You Let It See

A friend of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg asked him, back in 2004,
after the 19-year-old had casually mentioned in an online conversation
that 4,000 people had uploaded their personal information to his
fledgling website: “How did you manage that?” He typed back: “They just
submitted it. I don’t know why. They ‘trust me’,” then indiscreetly
described them as “dumbfucks”.

Facebook is a social phenomenon. It is a great way to keep in touch with your social network, share news, stories, and pictures. But it can also be a personal liability. Most people are aware that information presented on the internet can come back to haunt you. But people seem to underestimate what type of online information is secure. The reality is, anything you post online can be found by those willing to look for it. Facebook has come under recent scrutiny for lax privacy settings, often making default settings ones that share personal information to third party companies seeking to datamine potential customers. But your privacy settings may not even be sufficient to protect you. Continue reading

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Perspective: Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful! People, -sometimes- not so much, said Giovanni, the owner of the restaurant. I was waiting for the rest of my party, but was immersed in the energy and vitality of the man running a very busy Italian restaurant.

It can be difficult; life often seems marred with obstacles and challenges, but Giovanni’s observation was a prescient one. Life is beautiful. What makes it challenging are the occasional negative influences.
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Sarah Palin, on Shakespeare and Muslims

In her own words, from her Twitter.

First of all, Palin comparing herself (hopefully unintentionally) to Shakespeare speaks for itself. Moreover, bastardizing the English language (“refudiate“??!?) was something GW Bush was mocked without mercy for. If she gets a bit more tan, speaking like this may get her arrested in Arizona. This kind of trailer-park folk-speak may have appeal to the Fox News crowd, but if this is who she’s marketing herself to, she-fortunately- won’t stand a chance in hell on any presidential ticket in the future, even as a VP, since most of these types are still busy trying to prove Obama’s an alien Muslim socialist double-agent.

Second, this “controversy” over a mosque which is actually a cultural center for Muslims is pure bigotry. Islam has no more of a monopoly on terrorism in general or 9/11 in particular than Christianity does. Imagine protests of a Church being built in downtown Oklahoma because Christian Timothy McVeigh committed one of the greatest terror attacks in the history of the US there. Imagine howls of outrage of a synagogue being built in Manhattan because a group if Israelis was caught celebrating the burning WTC on 911.

Anytime you generalize an ethnicity or religion and thereby seek to limit any such expressions in public places you are pretty much pissing on everything the Constitution stands for and everything a shade of basic morality and social grace would look down upon with utter scorn.

Sarah Palin is the Fox News of politics, I can’t think if a better way to describe her. For the more enlightened among us, more need not be said.

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Interest Free Credit Card: Too Good to be True?

A couple of months ago, I remember seeing a story on a Muslim Bank, and the story focused on its credit card, which apparently charges no interest whatsoever (based on Sharia law which prohibits usury). Ignore for a moment the Muslim-bashing propaganda you get from the MSM, who’ve turned (rightly or wrongly) Sharia into a slur, a symbol of repression and patriarchy, all I care about for the moment is a credit card that treats me fairly. I’ve just about had my fill of 19.75% interest VISA credit cards. Moreover, the benefits I enjoy from credit cards is slowly being outweighed by the fact that the benefits I used to enjoy disappear after a few gestures of goodwill that have cost the credit card companies a small fraction of what I have paid it in interest.

I was recently informed by VISA that since I’d reported a $5 bar tab fraud (for which they reluctantly reimbursed me) and asked if they could grandfather my credit card payment through another bank (immediately, as opposed to the standard few business days so I could avoid the 19.75% interest charge), that I was out of favors and that I was not to ask for any more flexibility from them. I was until then treated relatively well, but I supposed the veneer of customer service often masks an ugly greed-focused corporate underbelly.

I’ll inquire as to whether the Sharia credit card is a viable option. My understanding of it so far is this:

  • it is open to non-Muslims like me
  • they never charge interest for anything
  • they make their money by charging businesses I patronize the standard 3% that all other credit card companies are subject to
  • there is no service fee involved

Remaining questions are:

  • is the Sharia card accepted at all the businesses regular credit cards are?
  • (even though I understand the company makes its money through businesses not consumers) are there any strings attached?

I’ll look into it over the next few days and report my findings. It’s time consumers fought back against the rampant greed of Big Business.

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