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How to Excel on Law School Assignments (with Minimal Effort!)

Law school is difficult. The amount of work doled out combined with the quality expected bedevil many law students. Since most schools are on some sort of B median, most people will not be satisfied with their final grade, especially … Continue reading

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Considering Law School? Caveat Emptor

Law school is considered by many to be a privilege and an honor. An experience that will open doors and lead to a fulfilling life of wealth and social status. In many cases it is true. In others it is anything but. While I certainly don’t regret committing to law school, there are a few important notes to consider that will determine whether the next 3 years are personally fulfilling or not.

The Bad Continue reading

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10 (+1) Reasons Why Law School Grades Should Be Irrelevant

First off- they matter. If you don’t get above average grades many law firms won’t even consider you most of the time. However, some recruiting periods (like the first semester of law school) either ignore law grades or downgrade them … Continue reading

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