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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Ushering in Stealth Bigotry in the Name of Human Rights

She has a way with words, there’s no doubt about it. Her rhetorical style is soft spoken, graceful, and she speaks with the passion of wholehearted conviction. Unfortunately, Hirsi Ali just doesn’t seem to get it. Advertisements

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Perspective: Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful! People, -sometimes- not so much, said Giovanni, the owner of the restaurant. I was waiting for the rest of my party, but was immersed in the energy and vitality of the man running a very busy Italian … Continue reading

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A Moral Case Against Abortion (as a method of birth control)

I realize I am in a very small minority of university-educated people who are anti-abortion (in most, but not all cases) or “Pro-Life”. Nonetheless I’d like to respond to popular Pro-abortion/”Choice” arguments to expose them for what they are: thinly … Continue reading

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Why I Support Free File Sharing: Part 1: Music

I support illegal file sharing because it shouldn’t be illegal. It only has that status in the western world because politicians spend more time serving corporate constituents than they do caring about general social interests. It almost goes without saying … Continue reading

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