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Film Review: Collapse (2009)

“Probably one of the biggest impediments I removed to critical thinking was I stopped taking Mainstream Media seriously a long time ago.” “The love of money is the root of all evil…it has the potential to exterminate the human race.” … Continue reading

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Time Publishes “Scientific” Opinion that BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‘isn’t really as bad as it seems’

The scientific consensus is that the BP Gulf Oil leak is the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history. But not so, say the scientists and officials quoted in this story. The problem is, the it’s not that big of a … Continue reading

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Facebook is Like a Webcam: Beware of What You Let It See

A friend of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg asked him, back in 2004, after the 19-year-old had casually mentioned in an online conversation that 4,000 people had uploaded their personal information to his fledgling website: “How did you manage that?” He … Continue reading

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Interest Free Credit Card: Too Good to be True?

A couple of months ago, I remember seeing a story on a Muslim Bank, and the story focused on its credit card, which apparently charges no interest whatsoever (based on Sharia law which prohibits usury). Ignore for a moment the … Continue reading

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