Time References a Lowly Tabloid in Wikileaks Interview

The following is an interview by Eben Harrell of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. It’s a beautiful example of just how stupid MSM journalists can be. Assange putting Eben in his place is priceless:

Some commentators have described you as anarchic.
Which commentators?

The Daily Mail.
You have to be careful. The Daily Mail is a London tabloid.

You would think the journalist would take note of this rather embarrassing error and stand corrected (as well as shamed). But the journalist cites the Daily Mail again a few questions later:

The Daily Mail said you would have made public information about the D-Day invasion if it had fallen into your hands. Is that true?
That’s just nonsense. We have a standardized policy of “harm minimization.” I believe we are the only media organization that has a [clearly stated] public policy about the materials that we will accept. If we take a case on, then we do it. We don’t do things ad hoc. We communicate entirely the material our whistle-blowers give us to the public. We may go through a harm-minimization process that delays publication while people are notified. In the example of Operation Overlord [World War II’s D-Day], we would have delayed and notified the authorities.

Yeah, it is nonsense. Trying to analogize Afghan leaks about tactical blunders with a strategic attack which was the turning point of WW2 which required secrecy for it to be effective is deceptive and slimy journalism. This is normal at the Daily Mail, but as I noted in my last two entries, Time is stooping to the level of a propaganda rag, and in my opinion has lost what little journalistic credibility it enjoyed before these bizarre reports.

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