Time Publishes “Scientific” Opinion that BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‘isn’t really as bad as it seems’

The scientific consensus is that the BP Gulf Oil leak is the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history. But not so, say the scientists and officials quoted in this story. The problem is, the it’s not that big of a deal, only a few animals have oil on them argument doesn’t pass the sniff test, given the overwhelming evidence of environmental damage bordering on ecological collapse. Even BP’s CEO Tony Hayward calls it “…clearly an environmental catastrophe. There is no two ways about it. It’s clear that we are dealing with a very significant environmental crisis and catastrophe.”

But if you believe Time’s skepticism, BP’s CEO may just have magnanimously been applying the precautionary principle. Either that or he’s lying to garner some cheap and easy publicity.

The story makes a lot more sense when you go to the LSU School of the Coast and Environment webpage.Tucked away in the day’s headlines are the allegations BP is trying to bribe University scientists and limit release of oil spill research! This is significant. When you have a LSU scientist contradicting the generally held perception that the leak is a massive environmental catastrophe, and link it with the allegations, it implies the scientist may be in BP’s pocket. Either that or hes a really ignorant and incompetent scientist who isn’t aware of the damage of an oil spill, let alone millions of gallons of it from its source.

Also of note is Time itself. It belongs to the Time Warner corporation, which also owns CNN. I remember seeing many BP ads back when I watched CNN. Here’s a contemporary example:

The conflict of interest at play here is clear. BP pays Time Warner hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year for advertising. If Time Warner is getting such a big paycheck from such an important client, do you think it’ll dare to bite the hand that feeds it?

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