Afghanistan Warmongering Propaganda from Time Magazine

The latest cover from Time Magazine, coincidentally released to coincide with the Wikileaks revelation and the growing consensus that the Afghan war is useless, as well as hopeless.

I wonder if Time would consider a cover stating “What Happens if We Stay in Afghanistan“:

Of course, when the Taliban is responsible for atrocities, Time empathizes with Afghans, as if the Afghan war is a magnanimous and selfless attempt to liberate them. When American bombs kill and maim, Time doesn’t even bother to question whether the war is worth it.

I used to support the war. I believed the “humanitarian mission” propaganda. But the war has wreaked death and destruction on civilians on a massive scale, and the war will never end. The only question is how much longer must Afghans suffer before the US recognizes the folly of its ways?


Afghans don’t want Americans in their country. The welcome has long been overstayed.


“…the ugly of war…you see it every day…will this never stop?”

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