Perspective: Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful! People, -sometimes- not so much, said Giovanni, the owner of the restaurant. I was waiting for the rest of my party, but was immersed in the energy and vitality of the man running a very busy Italian restaurant.

It can be difficult; life often seems marred with obstacles and challenges, but Giovanni’s observation was a prescient one. Life is beautiful. What makes it challenging are the occasional negative influences.

I have an aunt who made a bet that I won’t find an articling job by the end of this summer. She may very well win the case of wine wagered, but I distinctly remember being perturbed that someone in my immediate family would bet against my future success.

Having overcome significant odds to be where I’m at today, I don’t take such slights personally, but they serve an important reminder that negative people exist, in every family, circle of friends or work environment. The key is to marginalize people like that, since their negative attitudes seek to bring people down.

In the case of my aunt, she was a very attractive woman when she was younger. She enjoyed the company of dashing men and the glamor and excitement of a full social schedule. She also likes the finer things in life. Now, being a bit older, she has come to realize that living the good life may come at a cost, and that is that she is in a profession that, while serving an important social function, can’t quite fund the designer lifestyle she craves. The resulting disappointment, and occasional bitterness, is palpable. One day the topic of lawyers was the focus of a discussion. She ranted that the only reason they earned more money and status than her was because they “wear a suit.” That right there is the attitude of a loser. Seeking to undermine the success of others to rationalize personal underachieving and dreams vanquished by manifested reality. The truth is, she had all the elements of a successful person: charisma, personality, energy, passion, intelligence, but these qualities are not sufficient to success. At some point, drive, determination, persistence and hard work because necessary conditions to becoming the successful person we all wish to be.

So, life is indeed beautiful. There is so much good in this world. There may be negative people out there, but as long as you see the good in the world, you’ll find a happy place. The trick is to prove the negative people wrong, be the change that you seek, and reap the rewards that will inevitably come about.

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