Sarah Palin, on Shakespeare and Muslims

In her own words, from her Twitter.

First of all, Palin comparing herself (hopefully unintentionally) to Shakespeare speaks for itself. Moreover, bastardizing the English language (“refudiate“??!?) was something GW Bush was mocked without mercy for. If she gets a bit more tan, speaking like this may get her arrested in Arizona. This kind of trailer-park folk-speak may have appeal to the Fox News crowd, but if this is who she’s marketing herself to, she-fortunately- won’t stand a chance in hell on any presidential ticket in the future, even as a VP, since most of these types are still busy trying to prove Obama’s an alien Muslim socialist double-agent.

Second, this “controversy” over a mosque which is actually a cultural center for Muslims is pure bigotry. Islam has no more of a monopoly on terrorism in general or 9/11 in particular than Christianity does. Imagine protests of a Church being built in downtown Oklahoma because Christian Timothy McVeigh committed one of the greatest terror attacks in the history of the US there. Imagine howls of outrage of a synagogue being built in Manhattan because a group if Israelis was caught celebrating the burning WTC on 911.

Anytime you generalize an ethnicity or religion and thereby seek to limit any such expressions in public places you are pretty much pissing on everything the Constitution stands for and everything a shade of basic morality and social grace would look down upon with utter scorn.

Sarah Palin is the Fox News of politics, I can’t think if a better way to describe her. For the more enlightened among us, more need not be said.

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