G20: From Freedom to Fascism

It is remarkably strange that police cars were dropped off in the downtown core, left unattended to be vandalized and burned by black-clad violent activists, and then have the police violently arrest and cage about 900 protestors, journalists, and innocent bystanders just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Particularly disturbing:

1. arrested protestors being held without charge

2. arrested protestors not being read rights

3. police and other officials threatening female captives with rape

4. ” mocking captives while caged

5. ” barely giving them any water or food

6. ” surrounding participants and telling them to “move” (where would they move to when they are surrounded on all sides?)

7. $1 billion spent on security

Why the hell didn’t they just have the summit in a non-urban environment? Based on these types of gatherings and their fallout in the past, one would assume these politicians were fully aware riots were reasonably foreseeable. And yet why were the riots allowed to happen unimpeded initially, while peaceful gatherings were brutally attacked, with hundreds being literally dragged away, restrained and caged for more than a full day?

There is a reason politicians are protected by laws which come down harder on transgressors who harm them than those who commit the same harm to any other citizen: politicians know they deserve reprisals based on the things they do; they thereby preempt legitimate acts of nemesis by imposing draconian laws to keep those who try to fight back in check. The G20 was just another example of human rights and dignity being downtrodden by political oppressors who comfortably reside in the stratosphere of the social hierarchy.

But the key question remains: has anyone ever heard of police just abandoning police vehicles and allowing them to be vandalized over a period of hours with no attempt at intervention or arrest?

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