I Declare War on North America Media

For too long I put up with your lies. For too long I respected you as purveyors of truth. I allowed you to pollute and infest my rational mind with government and business propaganda.

Now that I understand how the world really works, I have come to see you as the enemy. The damage you have wrought on society’s collective conscience is beyond quantification. You have served terrorists states like Israel, and greedy, parasitic businesses like Goldman Sachs. North American society is generally ignorant, in large part because, not unlike in the movie Super Size Me, we ingest your lies and intellectual junk food on a daily basis.

No longer. Mainstream media is dying. The market seems to be weeding it out. I will do my part to burying this rotten edifice of lies, by exposing publications and journalists for the shoddy content they proffer.

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