Perception and Reality

It never ceases to amaze me how people allow themselves to be defined by group loyalty, and will cling to such allegiances even when such groups commit unconscionable acts. Following the Israel-Palestine conflict has been a personal interest of mine  for a few years now. It started as curiosity and general sympathy towards Israeli victims of terror. Such was the narrative in the mainstream media, which I relied on for the longest time to inform me about world events.

One day I wondered what would compel a person to become a suicide bomber. It seemed quite irrational and evil to me. I decided to put myself in the shoes of someone who commits such horrendous acts of violence. And that is when my understanding of the conflict began to change.

Returning to my initial point, much has been written about the conflict. It seems that people quickly lump themselves into categories which quickly consolidate their identities in a very rigid and dogmatic manner. Many people interested in this conflict identify themselves as Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestinian. In so doing, they construct a personal reality of the conflict through an emotional lens which makes rational observation and analysis difficult, if not impossible. Whatever your personal views on the issue or anything else in general, consider looking at things more broadly. By not limiting yourself to tribal or philosophical categories, you may find your intellectual and emotional capacity broadened, and what may initially appear irrational or complex may become clearer.

I intend to blog more about this conflict, but for now I’d like readers to consider shifting their perception by looking at various things as they are, rather than as things already given an artificial identity by the powers that be.

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