Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Ushering in Stealth Bigotry in the Name of Human Rights

An example of Islamophobic fearmongering; which is ironic considering Hirsi Ali calls Islamohobia "a myth... it doesn't exist"

She has a way with words, there’s no doubt about it. Her rhetorical style is soft spoken, graceful, and she speaks with the passion of wholehearted conviction. Unfortunately, Hirsi Ali just doesn’t seem to get it. Continue reading

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Anti-Defamation League Exposes Itself as a Lobby of Bigotry

It’s no secret there’s currently a propaganda war designed to slander and vilify Muslims as much as possible. In my opinion, this is due to MSM (and its enablers) which have Zionist influences, in an attempt to blame the victims of chronic Israeli aggression and oppression. Most of this deceit is transparent, like the ridiculous alleged terror links of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. But the truly dangerous slander often manifests itself in stealthy and subtle forms.

Enter the ADL, which has stepped in as the “moral authority” on the issue of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” Community Center. The article rightly notes that most, if not all, of the hysteria surrounding the desire for prohibition amongst some circles for an Islamic building in Manhattan, is based on bigotry. But that’s not the end of this issue, according to the ADL:

However, there are understandably strong passions and keen sensitivities surrounding the World Trade Center site.  We are ever mindful of the tragedy which befell our nation there, the pain we all still feel – and especially the anguish of the families and friends of those who were killed on September 11, 2001.

Continue reading

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Film Review: Collapse (2009)

“Probably one of the biggest impediments I removed to critical thinking was I stopped taking Mainstream Media seriously a long time ago.”

“The love of money is the root of all evil…it has the potential to exterminate the human race.”

-Michael Ruppert

This movie may teach you more about the reality of International Relations (IR) than what you would learn in an IR undergraduate degree. The world is filled with lies and deceptions, and it is a stunning achievement that this film packed in so much truth and knowledge about politics, commerce, and sociology in its 80 minutes.

Collapse may be the most important documentary in recent memory. The thesis is simple: we are currently at the point where rapidly growing populations and their consumer and industrial demands intersect with dwindling resources required to fuel such growth. The most important resources of these is oil. Continue reading

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Time References a Lowly Tabloid in Wikileaks Interview

The following is an interview by Eben Harrell of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. It’s a beautiful example of just how stupid MSM journalists can be. Assange putting Eben in his place is priceless:

Some commentators have described you as anarchic.
Which commentators?

The Daily Mail.
You have to be careful. The Daily Mail is a London tabloid.

You would think the journalist would take note of this rather embarrassing error and stand corrected (as well as shamed). But the journalist cites the Daily Mail again a few questions later:

The Daily Mail said you would have made public information about the D-Day invasion if it had fallen into your hands. Is that true? Continue reading

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Time Publishes “Scientific” Opinion that BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‘isn’t really as bad as it seems’

The scientific consensus is that the BP Gulf Oil leak is the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history. But not so, say the scientists and officials quoted in this story. The problem is, the it’s not that big of a deal, only a few animals have oil on them argument doesn’t pass the sniff test, given the overwhelming evidence of environmental damage bordering on ecological collapse. Even BP’s CEO Tony Hayward calls it “…clearly an environmental catastrophe. There is no two ways about it. It’s clear that we are dealing with a very significant environmental crisis and catastrophe.”

But if you believe Time’s skepticism, BP’s CEO may just have magnanimously been applying the precautionary principle. Either that or he’s lying to garner some cheap and easy publicity.

The story makes a lot more sense when you go to the LSU School of the Coast and Environment webpage.Tucked away in the day’s headlines are the allegations BP is trying to bribe University scientists and limit release of oil spill research! Continue reading

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Afghanistan Warmongering Propaganda from Time Magazine

The latest cover from Time Magazine, coincidentally released to coincide with the Wikileaks revelation and the growing consensus that the Afghan war is useless, as well as hopeless.

I wonder if Time would consider a cover stating “What Happens if We Stay in Afghanistan“:

Of course, when the Taliban is responsible for atrocities, Time empathizes with Afghans, as if the Afghan war is a magnanimous and selfless attempt to liberate them. When American bombs kill and maim, Time doesn’t even bother to question whether the war is worth it.

I used to support the war. I believed the “humanitarian mission” propaganda. But the war has wreaked death and destruction on civilians on a massive scale, and the war will never end. The only question is how much longer must Afghans suffer before the US recognizes the folly of its ways?


Afghans don’t want Americans in their country. The welcome has long been overstayed.


“…the ugly of war…you see it every day…will this never stop?”

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Debunking Common Israeli Propaganda: Child Soldiers

The oft-parroted statement that [Palestinian militia] recruit children from the earliest of ages, is a common Zionist tactic used to emotionalize the issue and make Palestinians seem like dogmatic aggressors. However, it is true in some cases that Palestinian children are brought up to be resistance fighters.

But this kind of cradle-recruitment isn’t unique to Palestinians. Note the olive fatigues and maroon boots: IDF issue. The boy, judging by the fact he hasn’t been shot or arrested as a “security threat”, is probably not Palestinian.

The difference is simply that Israel has universal conscription. Palestinians do not. So for those who attempt the aggressive-Palestinian terror meme, be aware that the world is starting to see through your propaganda as a blatant case of projection.

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